IOT Door Lock – RFID/ Bluetooth/ Pin Code e-Lock

R3,499.00 excl VAT

These locks will give you peace of mind for a long time to come.

  • Suited for use in Hotels or smaller Establishments, i.e. Guesthouses, Short-term lets, Air BnB
  • No onsite equipment
  • No Wi-Fi required
  • Security Layer technology
  • Mobile/ Digital Keys


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  • Touch screen keypad for pin code access
  • RFID key card access with optional Bluetooth functionality
  • Onsite reversible handle with mechanical key override
  • Issue up to 7 one-time passwords per room each day
  • Issue up to 9 Bluetooth Keys per Lock from your Android App.


Material Zink Alloy & Acrylic Panel
 304 Stainless Steel Mortise
Panel Dimension (L*W)210m*78mm
Conformal coating
Battery powered
Battery life time - 14 Months or
Continuous working over 100,000 times, Low battery voltage can still work 200 times
Functions / Communication
13.56MHz RFID Technology
 Bluetooth Online Technology
 Real time control opening record via Mobile APP
 Remotely erase all Mobile Keys
Card support
Working Temperature
-25°C -60°C
Working Humidity
Static current
< 30uA
Working current
< 150mA
Memory (Hotel Mode Only)
830 Transactions include Time/Date/Card ID/Card type/Room ID
Interface Connection (Hotel Mode Only)
Connect to most PMS including Fidelio/OPERA
Inner Packing Dimension
327mm*182mm*120mm One piece per box
Outside Packing Dimension
Eight pieces per carton 18KGS/carton
Weight2,5KG / pcs/